Bet365 takes great pride in being one of the most popular bookmakers online. Their success is the consequence of offering one of the best live betting logo bet365module and covering hundreds of games every day.

Many of their members spend a lot of time gambling from the comfort of their home and a significant percentage also watch the games live. At the same time, there is no shortage of people who are less than happy with the outcome of their betting sessions.

The community of gamblers is divided among amateurs and professionals, with both of them have different expectations. Beginners are happy to break even until they learn the ropes and then expect big payouts with a small investment. Meanwhile, those who can afford to bet larger amounts are perfectly happy with winning a small percentage of the sums deposited. At the end of the day all of them these like the idea of losing money regardless of circumstances.

Right now, 230 online punters are setting the tone by accusing the operator of limiting their wagering as a result of being too successful. This is not the kind of claim that you hear to offer, especially when it comes to online betting and casino gambling. Surprisingly enough, all these players are from Spain and they join forces to take on the bookmaker in court. Bet365 is facing hard times in these punters go all the way through with their plans to sue and they look at the month to do so.

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They claim that the bookmaker is restricting their freedom to bet and that they were treated unfairly after winning significant amount. There is no upper limit to how much money players can win and bookies usually encourage successful punters. In this case, Bet365 tall the media at the terms and conditions gives complete freedom to close account or limit them at their discretion. This is something that many online gambling operators do, but this is usually the consequence of somebody breaking the rules.

When it comes to the group of successful punters, they claim that they did break any of the terms and conditions. The only thing they did was to win a lot of money by playing by the book and this is not something to be played for. The group goes by the name of mueBETe and initially they took their case to the Spanish gambling regulator before going to the judiciary.