Valentines ENTime is quickly running out for that for you to purchase presents for Valentine’s Day and if you run out of ideas, Mr Green Casino will provide you with a couple of solutions.

The online casino has announced a brand-new promotion that will be much appreciated by those who are planning on offering a cool gift to their significant others. It includes a €25 Amazon voucher that the winners can redeem and purchase products from the celebrated online vendor.

The only prerequisite for entering the race for such a voucher is to wager a minimum amount of €100 over the course of a single day. Those who deposit and bet more than this, will still compete for the prize, not to mention that they will have better opportunities of winning one of the corresponding paychecks.

Slot machines are the ones that will attract most of the players, for the simple reason that they are the most numerous, but table games, video poker and roulette are worthy options.

Opting in is the first step and making the qualifying deposit is just as important, because one without the other won’t deliver the desired results. The best part is that those who bet at least €100, will collect the €25 Amazon voucher the next day instead of waiting until February 14. A couple of brand-new slot machines have been introduced and in 2015, the collection of table games has also been expanded to include several new additions.

All these games have the same stake percentage contribution, so you won’t be spending more time playing one game or the other. Something that players need to keep in mind is that the amount needs to be wagered over the course of one day. A qualifying day consists of just 23 hours, for the simple reason that it begins at midnight and will conclude at 11 PM. This is the time interval that players should be focusing on, with any wagers outside this timeframe, not counting for this promotion.

What usually happens is that when one promotion concludes at Winner Casino, a brand-new one starts, so by this time next week we should have another campaign. While anxiously waiting for new bonuses and generous offers, players shouldn’t miss out on this great chance of making this Valentine’s Day special.

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