Breon Corcoran who is the Betfair Group CEO is quite confident in Levin's ability to handle all these pressing matters and made the following comment “We are pleased that Kip has joined Betfair to lead our U.S. operations, 32red.

His expertise in e-commerce, multi-product strategy, mobile, and large scale business operations are a great fit to Betfair’s U.S. and global business strategy.

As for the new CEO, he plans on pushing the process into overdrive, because the US operations didn't go fast enough and something needs to change.

The TVG Racing Channel is not exactly the best known product offered by the casino group, but if it takes off it could become the next big thing in America.

Punters will appreciate the prospect of watching the races live online and many of those who bet on these events are anxiously waiting for TVG to secure final approval.