Those who assume that online casino ventures run themselves are jumping to conclusions, because the absence of a CEO can hurt the business. Betfair casino is glad to announce the fact that Kip Levin is the new chief executive officer after Stephen Burns stepped down last September, join now.

Under his guidance, great things are expected to happen and 2014 could be a big year for Betfair, which has its eyes fixed on the, US operation that should grow a lot by the end of the year, click here.

The new CEO will have his hands full, because he will have to oversee the casino websites that are aimed at American audience, but also Television Games Network Racing Channel.

They are waiting for an approval in California and New Jersey, to start a brand-new set of services, a move that would help Betfair establish a dominant position in the United States.

Levin looks like the perfect man for the job, with his experience for Ticketmaster recommending him for the job.